Protecting Children’s Health

Protecting children from endocrine disruptors (also known as endocrine disrupting chemicals – EDCs) is an important goal of parents, teachers, EPA and U.S. Congress. Pregnant women, mothers, fathers, and educators are trying to learn more about these chemicals that are hazardous to infants and young children.

Where are Endocrine Disruptors?

Endocrine disruptors may be found in schools, day care centers, toys, homes, and other sites where infants and young children are. Free software here can be used to teach in schools. More comprehensive software is also available as an inexpensive aid for teachers and parents to use.

Free Teaching Aids

View examples of the free sofware for parents and teachers. Educators can also download free summary software for use in schools as a teaching aid or purchase the inexpensive more comprehensive slide show.

Help protect our children’s health. Learn what endocrine disruptors are, how infants and young children can be exposed to these hazardous chemicals, what their effects can be, and how to minimize exposure.

A New Publication

Preventing Children’s Exposure to Endocrine Disruptors – A Teaching Aid is a publication in the series Protecting Children’s Health. Dr. Lawrence H. Keith has developed this material to help parents and teachers prevent or minimize children’s exposure to hazardous chemical pollutants. Pollutants covered in this series include chemicals that cause acute (immediate) toxic effects and chronic (delayed) effects.
Examples of acute effects include skin, throat, and eye irritation, vomiting, and death. Examples of chronic effects include attention deficite syndrome, reduced IQ, motor nerve development, overweight teenagers, reduced sperm count, undecended testicles, breast cancer, and many others.

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