Budget-Friendly Tips on How to Enjoy Vacation in Gili Islands

Gili Islands consists of three small islands – Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan. The islands are located on the northwest coast of Lombok. The islands are packed with great sceneries, both underwater and on the land; this is why more and more locals and foreigners are starting to visit the islands all year round.

How to enjoy the Gili Islands if you are on a budget?

Who said that you need much to get more? If you are planning to visit Gili Islands in Lombok, Indonesia but on the budget, here are some budget-friendly tips on how to enjoy a vacation in Gili Islands:

#1: Plan your vacation during non-peak season

Gili Islands is buzzing and energetic during December – January and June – August; this is when everyone is off for Christmas break or school break. During these months, tourists are coming from different places; thus, booking for cheaper hotels and transportation to the islands is often impossible and or expensive. So, if you want a quieter and less expensive way to enjoy every moment on the island, choose a non-peak season.

How about the wet season?

Indonesia is a tropical country, where there are hot, hotter, and hottest days, but not too hot that will ruin your day. Yes; there are days that there will be rains and thunderstorms, but not too long that will ruin your day plan. So, aside from December – January and June – August, you can travel and enjoy every moment in the Gili Islands.

#2: Look and book for cheap but honest deals

Like in any tourists destinations, traveling to the three small islands in Gili may have some deals too. However, you should be keen and smart enough to see if the deals are honest and authentic. Check the hotels in all the three Gili Islands and read customer reviews if they are worth your money.

For transportation to the islands, choose a fast boat lets you make the most of your day. Book a ticket per island, if you are planning to visit all three, beforehand. Plan wisely your itinerary to avoid a waste of money. At Duck Ferries you’ll be able to book a fast boat to Gili Islands at an affordable rate; you may visit their website today.

#3: Carefully plan your itinerary

You must know where to go and what to do during your vacation, especially if it is out of the country. Here are the top things you need to plan carefully before booking any tickets or placing reservations:

  • Which Gili Island should you visit first?
  • What hotel is the best?
  • Which transportation services should you book?
  • What port should you be at to ride a boat to the island?
  • What are the activities that you can do on the island?
  • Are activities expensive? Or which activities will you enjoy budget-wise?

Final Thoughts

Gili Islands are a true nature’s beauty – underwater and on the land. So, visiting the islands for your next vacation plans is worth it.

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